Batfink is a creature who lives in the mountains of Northern Juicemony. He goes on adventures throughout Gnomalia, stopping criminals from doing their diabolical deeds with his wings of steel. He is often seen accompanied by his friend Karate, originally an immigrant brought in from CHINa to build the Trans-Juicemonian Railway.


Rare image of Batfink and his sidekick Karate

He was originally discovered by Empress Chin of CHINa and Emperor May of Nortmaydia, who found rare footage of the hero's adventures on Netflix. They realized that he could be a vital asset to the Gnomes, as he could cut down the rampant crime throughout the land. They went on an expedition to find him, accompanied by the Native Gnomalian Runs With Scissors. They eventually found his secret base, and he agreed to their deal.

During the events of the Second Trollo-Gnomish War, crime increased dramatically because of the leaders of Gnomalia focusing on pushing back the Trolls. One of the main criminals was Hugo A-Go-Go, the evil scientist who the Trolls hired to help them in their efforts. He made his own form of Lotion Gas, which he put into a machine that would replace the oxygen in the air with Lotion Gas. Batfink heard of the situation and flew right on in, stopping the mad scientist once again.