The First Trollo-Gnomish War was an ancient war that ended with the total extinction of every Gnome for over a thousand years. The Troll Empire would rule Gnomalia, renamed Trollakia, for that time until the humans would rise up and fight them off, culminating in Vietgnome when the Gnomes pushed them into the east.

Origins Edit

During the early days of Gnomalia, farming villages rose up in modern-day Deltland as Trolls began to become more intelligent. The villages soon grew to stretch along the Gulf of Deltland, and soon the village leaders came together to form the first Troll Empire, electing Arno of Trepechocktaw as Emperor of Trollia.

The Trolls began expanding east, soon coming into conflict with Gnomes, who also had small villages all across the hills. The Trolls did not want the Gnomes blocking them from expanding east, so they raised an army and planned to attack them.

The Troll armies began marching toward the Gnomelands, and the villages closest to the Trolls tried to warn the other villages. Many villages soon fell, but the Trolls were stopped at the village of Gys, which was led by the Gnomes Juice, May and Chase, who had trained the villagers.

The Troll armies retreated, and the Gnome villages congratulated Gys, and they came together to elect Juice as King of Gnomalia. Juice was quick to put the other villagers through training, as they were sure the Trolls would return.

As the Trolls returned, the Gnomes tried to fight them off. They hid behind a wooden wall stretching across the entire battlefield, with spikes going along the whole thing. The Gnomes at the front held spears and shields, and would defend the archers, who fired on the Troll armies from behind. The Trolls had archers as well, but were not as skilled. The archers protected themselves with smaller, lighter shields. Though the Gnomes were outnumbered 20:1, they held the Trolls off for many days, but soon retreated and were followed by the Trolls, who slaughtered them.

Following the defeat of the Gnome armies, the Trolls marched on to massacre the remaining Gnomes. Juice, May and Chase were buried by escaped villagers, hiding their bodies when the Trolls returned on their way to their homeland. After the men had pushed the Trolls into the east, the souls of Juice, May and Chase blessed Gnomalia, allowing Gnomes to begin repopulating the land.