Lord Juice was the original ruler of Gnomalia in the Ancient World. He, along with May and Chase, ruled over the Kingdom of Gnomalia and fought against the tyrannical Trolls.


Juice was probably born to parents that he never met, as there is no evidence of them being around. He was most likely raised by the village as a whole, and seemed to take an interest in combat, even forging his own sword, shield and helmet.

When he was around thirty years old, the Troll armies crossed the border and attacked Gnomalia. Once news of this came, Juice took it upon himself to become commander of the Gnome armies. Organizing and training the villagers as best he could, when the disorganized Trolls attacked, the Gnomes managed to hold them off into retreat.

Juice was celebrated across Gnomalia, with many other villages visiting him. Together, all the village leaders came together and elected Juice as King of the Kingdom of Gnomalia, uniting the villages. Juice took to training the rest of the villagers, as he knew another invasion was imminent. To help speed up training, Juice made May the Long and Chase the Young his apprentices.

Once the new Troll King ascended to power, he attacked Gnomalia. With massive armies at his hands, he would not lose. He quickly invaded Gnomalia, but when his armies met the Gnomes, they struggled to fight them off. The Gnomes managed to hold them off for hours and hours, going into the night before their lines broke and the Trolls overran them. All three commanders were killed in battle, and while a few Gnomes managed to escape, the rest were slaughtered and the villages were burned.

Once the Trolls had moved on, the few surviving Gnomes buried the bodies of the three commanders beneath a sacred tree. The Trolls eventually found them and killed them, but did not find where the commanders were buried.

Lord Juice's soul would soon be blessed by Halamajama, and would be reincarnated one-thousand years later as Justin of Hollace, destined to become King Justin I of Juiceland.